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“Anna Karenina”
Genre: drama, Russian prose, family novel, psychological novel

Today I am going to blog about globally known story. It narrates about a tragic love of Anna Karenina, which was written by Leo Tolstoy.

The beginning of “Anna Karenina” is a key of psychological understanding of the novel:
“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Leo Tolstoy explored a topic about a collapse of a family formation and relationships between individuals.

The main character of a novel is a noble married woman - Anna.
She is desperate and looking for consolation, since she is not really happy with her marriage.
Anna meets an affluent and handsome military officer Vronsky and they fall in love with each other. They have an intense romance.

Vronsky promised to marry Anna, yet she cannot leave her husband due to his social status. She takes chances to lose her child and be absolutely humiliated; thus, Leo Tolstoy broached the important topic of the feudal system that existed in Russia at the time.

During the novel the author tried to find the answers on disturbing questions such as: how does a man live in the family and in society? Can a man be limited only to the scope of the family? What is the secret of human’s happiness?
By the example of the fortune of "Anna Karenina’s" characters Tolstoy showed all the aspects of the issues discussed above.
The novel brings you into a deep thinking process, which gives you a valuable experience for your own future life.

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