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“The Lady with the Dog”
Genre: drama, short story, Russian prose

My favorite short story, which was written by Anton Chekhov, called
“Dama s sobachkoy”. Anton Chekhov was a Russian physician, dramatist and author who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short stories in history.

It is not a fantasy of the writer or fairy tale. There are no made-up characters.
There is just life and ourselves.
The author in his work allows meeting two absolutely different and extraordinary individuals. They are unhappily married and tired of routine. As a result of circumstances they have a holiday romance,which doesn't last for a long time, yet swallows them up.

Freedom and happy life that you dream about is the complete opposite of real life.
People cannot cope with the reality of their dreams, which makes them disappointed and lost. The denouement of “The Lady with the Dog” is opened, since these people only start exploring it.

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