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“The Little Scarlet Flower”
Genre: folk tale, Russian literature

Today I am going to blog about a wonderful Russian fairy tale, which is called “Alenkiy tsvetochek” written by Sergey Aksakov. It is also known as “The Little Scarlet Flower”. This story itself is an adaptation of traditional fairy tale ”Beauty and the Beast”.

The fairy tale tells a story about beautiful and self-sacrificing girl, who tried to save her father from a horrifying monster. Consequently, she fell in love with him and it changed life both of them.

Also, “Alenkiy tsvetochek” is expressed in verse with specific folk language.

I recommend for reading “The Little Scarlet Flower” or even “Beauty and the Beast”
since they are stories about an unconditional love and real heroism, which have been forgotten nowadays.

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  1. That's my favourite story of the childhood! Cannot read it without warmth in my heart :)