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“Three ages of Okini-san”

Genre: historical, philosophical novel

Today I am gonna blog about a great historical novel “Tri vozrasta Okini-san” by Valentin Pikul.
“Three ages of Okini-san” tells about the life of Vladimir Kokovtsov, who went from midshipman to admiral of the Russian fleet.
Life was not always kind with him. Vladimir faced with a lot of dramatic and sorrowful doings, yet he got over them with dignity.

The book is thrilling and fascinating, brilliantly clever and perfectly accurate.
It describes the events, which happened during Russo-Japanese War, the Civil War and February and October revolutions.
“Three ages of Okini-san” helps to eliminate historical illiteracy, which is important for any individual.
It always needs to be remembered that history likes to take revenge violently on all those who forget it.

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