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“The Duel”
Genre: Russian narrative, military prose 

Many works of Russian literature were devoted to Russian army and its system.
This topic has become popular for writers due to their own difficult soldiery past.
One of my favourite books about it was written by Aleksandr Kuprin.
It is called “Poedinok”.
The plot of a novel is about lives of Russian military officers.
The main character is a lieutenant Romashov. He is an embodiment of a real honesty and integrity.
Romashov is absolutely alienated from other officers, he is different.
Unfortunately, the guileful destiny dictates its own rules for such a nice individual.

At that time, duels for officers were allowed again, as the only way to defend their honor and dignity.
Due to the twist of fate, Romashov had a duel what became the first and the last one for him.
Why did the death occur?
Because of love to the married woman, who has substituted him.
She seemed to be the only one bright individual for him among the rotten officer caste and their wives. Thus, all his mirages were broken and the worthy person was shot.
Sometimes I think that it needs to be more ruthless and strict in this world…

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  1. No matter how hard and cruel the world may be we should always carry ourselves with Honesty and integrity. As these traits belong too and define the great pure souls among us. Only a coward and weak person chooses to follow the others and become rotten themselves as this is the easiest path in life. Be like Lieutenant Romashov as people like him are rare jems in our world. :)